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Penfield Addiction Ministries

Find freedom from substance use and reclaim health, family, and productivity.


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Georgia Recovery Residences

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Georgia Recovery  Residences Custom Banner

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South Georgia Drug Treatment Facilities for Men and Women

(912) 366-7777

24/7 House logo

The 24/7 House Residential Alcohol and Drug Recovery Residence program is an in depth journey of self, and healing from the life-crippling effects of the disease of addiction.

(877) 680-3571

Bluff Plantation logo

Bluff Plantation is the destination of choice for those seeking expert physician-led treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, prescription drug abuse and co-occurring disorders

Bridges of Hope logo

Bridges of Hope- Providing a Foundation for Lasting Recovery

(478) 374-4008

Georgia Pines- Hilltop Lodge Recovery Residence logo

Georgia Pines- Hilltop Lodge Recovery Residence  is a six month program designed to accommodate 16 individuals who are in need of stable housing, continued support, independent living skills and employment as he or she begins the process to independent sober living.

(229) 225-5209

(912) 764-6236

Willingway Hospital logo

Willingway Hospital- This program typically lasts 4-6 weeks, combining a multitude of therapeutic modalities. Group, individual, recreational therapy, family counseling, 12-step meetings, and educational programs set patients on the road to lasting recovery.

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