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If you or a loved one need REHAB, contact us to discreetly speak with a non-judgmental admissions counselor to help you.  All conversations are confidential.


         (706) 453-7929

Penfield Logo
Georgia Recovery Residences
Penfield Logo
Georgia Recovery  Residences Custom Banner
Georgia Recovery  Residences Custom Banner

North Georgia Drug Treatment Facilities for Men and Women

(470) 252-6831

The Agape House logo

The Agape House provides a well-rounded safe, accountable, caring, fun, and drug free environment in which adult male and female persons can find their true selves.

(877) 578-5031

Blue Ridge Mountain logo

Blue Ridge Mountain- Georgia's Expert in Residential Treatment for Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

(888) 914-1050

Blue Ridge Wilderness logo

While at Blue Ridge Wilderness, our clients rediscover the pathways to their strengths and resilience through primitive living in nature while supported by experienced field instructors, skilled licensed therapists, and a healthy peer culture and community.

Cornerstone Recovery logo

Cornerstone Recovery is a well-established recovery community for overcoming addiction that uses a 12-step approach to find clarity and assistance in the progression toward independent living.

(404) 578-7167

(678) 209-2770

GRAN logo

GRAN is a 32 bed intensive residential treatment facility that offers a highly structured program of least 5-6 hours of programming daily that includes group, individual, education and skills training.

(678) 556-0840

Hope Homes logo

Hope Homes provides NARR Level 2 and Level 3 recovery residences and recovery support services to individuals in recovery from addictive, emotional and eating disorders.

Keep it Simple House logo

(844) 872-8730

At Keep it Simple House, we provide a safe, supportive and structured environment for men and women looking to achieve lasting recovery.

Laurelwood logo

Laurelwood, a 54-bed facility, is a private, not-for-profit, inpatient behavioral health facility dedicated to the stabilization and treatment of individuals with mental illness and/or substance abuse.

(770) 219-3800

(678) 805-5140

MARR  logo

Since opening its doors in 1975, MARR has been dedicated to bringing total recovery to chemically dependent individuals through high-quality, cost effective, gender-specific treatment programs.

Mount Sinai Wellness Center logo

Mount Sinai Wellness Center- We are one of the most comprehensive residential addiction rehabilitation facilities in the United States

(800) 423-4673

(706) 714-7256

Palm House Recovery logo

Palm House Recovery- While your recovery environment is our primary focus, we also explore all aspects of your life, such as your habits, lifestyle and vocation, to take a comprehensive approach in dealing with one's recovery.

Peachford Hospital logo

Peachford Hospital- Our treatment team works together with patients and their family members, creating an individualized treatment plan to encourage the best possible outcome.

(770) 454-2302

(770) 434-4567 

Ridgeview Institute logo

We have a variety of Recovery Residences on the Ridgeview Institute campus, all offering supportive community living for patients in our partial hospitalization programs.

(844) 921-2799

RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia logo

Seeking help and facing your addiction is a brave decision, and recovery is not far from reach at RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia.

(770) 885-9353

Second Chance is an Atlanta area sober living program. Our focus is on providing guidance and support for men and women in early recovery.

(678) 377-2323

StepByStep Recovery, Inc logo

StepByStep Recovery, Inc. is a recovery community teaching people not only how to stay clean, but how to change their old ways by learning new behaviors.

TANGU logo

TANGU- The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is designed for patients who benefit from greater structure and support than outpatient treatment can provide but do not require 24-hour medical supervision.

(404) 523-4599

The Arches logo

(404) 991-3575

The Arches provides men’s sober living and women’s sober living skills and supportive living to individuals over the age of 18.

(877) 958-0778

Twin Lakes Recovery Center logo

Twin Lakes Recovery Center is located in a serene setting on approximately 35 acres on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. We provide residential and outpatient treatment for adults seeking to live a life free from dependence on alcohol, other drugs and the destructive behaviors that are part of life with addiction.

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